Sunday, July 25, 2010

Four Months Already

Elder Darrow and Elder Meinzer get to see each other on P-days

Can you believe Elder Meinzer has been on his mission for four months? We are glad it is going quickly because we miss that kid so much!

The little boy side of Elder Meinzer is still there. Recently he took twenty cowboy and indians from his aunt and numbered them on the bottom from 1-30 then hid them throughout the apartment. Obviously, there aren't thirty little toys so if anyone ever starts looking they won't ever be able to find all thirty. He thought that was pretty fun.

Elder Dodd thinks the food is pretty spicy so Elder Meinzer has to finish his bowls of fufu and other native dishes. No complaints though. Elder Meinzer has found a place that sells Kit Kats, Twix and Snickers so he is excited to buy one every Monday.

They had eight investigators to church last week. It is great to see the progress in the area. As Elder Meinzer has continued to develop his testimony and obtain as much knowledge as he can about the gospel, he has descovered how truly remarkable it is.

He recently was teaching a man named Emmanuel about the Plan of Salvation, specifically about the Atonement. He shared his testimony and really felt the Spirit. "The Atonement is very special to me because I have been able to feel its cleansing power in my life. I'm not a perfect person (surprise!) so I've needed to go through the repentance cycle countless times throughout my life. Before I would fully repent, I would sometimes be so weighed down with hopelessness, guilt and shame that seemed too much to bear. But, as I looked to my Savior and took advantage of His atoning sacrifice, I began to see a light in my life and could feel the burden of sin being lifted off of my shoulders. And how great did that feel! My outlook on life then had a very positive spin and I realized how real the sacrifice of our Redeemer truly is. And as I think about all that the Atonement entails I am overwhelmed with gratitude; He not only took upon Himself my sins, but my pains, sicknesses and trials as well. He bore and suffered everything! And He did it out of pure love for all of us." How great is that!