Thursday, June 3, 2010


Elder Meinzer and Elder Hancey committed Dan to baptism on June 19! "The whole thing seemed so easy and I know that we definitely had the help of the Lord." Dan will be the person that helps them fulfill the mission goal so they are quite excited.

Zone Conference time. Elder Meinzer felt spiritually strengthened and received a renewed sense of commitment and focus on the work. During the conference they received a new mission goal that starts June 11, the day that the World Cup begins. The new goal is that no one in their mission will watch any soccer from June 11-July 11. After announcing the new mission goal, the President talked about the importance of keeping the promises or covenants that they make. He related how the Nephites took covenants extrememly seriously, even dying before they broke their oath. He admonished them to be the same way in all aspects of their lives. At the end of the Zone Conference, the President called each of the missionaries into a room individually and had them promise they would fulfill the mission goal and had them sign a Ghana flag declaring their willingness to accept the goal. The second part of the goal is that they will baptize somebody during the time of the World Cup matches. The President promised them that this goal will help them find people that will build up and strengthen the Church.

Elder Meinzer and Elder Hancey have been teaching a man named Prince over the last couple of weeks and he is understanding everything really well. When they teach him, they ask him to read a page from a pamphlet they leave with him. When they come back, he has written down a full page of notes and then teaches them what he has learned, with them making minor corrections. Prince said he believes that Joseph Smith is a prophet and one time he got in an argument with a neighbor then went and read the Book of Mormon, which brought him peace. Elder Meinzer got the chills when he told them that.

The church is somewhat different than back home; the people aren't very reverent. Last week when Elder Meinzer was giving a talk, the bishop's phone rang and he answered it on the stand. When people sing hymns, they can't read notes so they are off and it's kind of chaotic. "Somehow, the Spirit can be felt in the midst of all of this."