Monday, May 17, 2010


Richard is the fourteen year old that was baptized on April 24. Elder Hancey said it was the best baptism he has had. Elder Meinzer was able to participate in giving a little girl the Holy Ghost the same day, which was a cool experience for him.

Elder Meinzer's Fante name is Queku because he was born on a Wednesday.

For meals he eats oats or french toast with homemade syrup for breakfast; they go out to eat for lunch at "chop bars" where they get rice and beans with a pepper sauce or fufu (something that looks like mashed potatoes but is actually made from casava and plantains) with a soupy-sauce or french bread with ground-nut past (the Ghanaian equivalent of peanut butter) and pineapple jam; for dinner he usually has rice or pasta with a spaghetti sauce. He loves the bread! The fruits and vegetables are all really cheap, which makes him happy.

He definitely doesn't like washing his clothes by hand. He is pretty slow and his fingers get rubbed raw. Last p-day he washed clothes for over three hours. He has been trying to wash clothes every night so that he has more time on p-days. He has decided that washing clothes by hand would be a great punishment for misbehaving children because it is character building.

The thunder and lightening storms are amazing. Elder Meinzer now knows what the hymn "I Stand All Amazed" means when it says "rolling thunder."

We sent him a new pedometer which he is thrilled about. They walk about 15,000 steps a day, which equals six miles. He figures he will walk about 4,000 miles on his mission.

Elder Hancey and Elder Meinzer had the opportunity to serve one of their investigator families and "weeded". In Ghana, weeding consists of taking a machete, or cutlass, and hacking at the weeds that are several feet tall. He thought it was pretty sweet.

The missionaries listened to General Conference again and it just reaffirmed his testimony that those men are inspired by God and are prophets and apostles. "As I stop and think about the fact that President Monson communes with God, I realize how remarkable that fact truly is. It makes me want to listen and follow his counsel that much more."