Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ghana MTC/Letter #3

Elder Meinzer does a great job in his letters with the details so that we get a pretty good idea what life is like in the Ghana MTC. Some of my favorite details are that he gets up at 12:30 and 4:30 each night to go to the bathroom, he doesn't need to iron his clothes because of the humidity, he has "laid down the law" by telling the missionaries each night at 10:45 to be quiet (reminds me of his chore chart for his roommates at college), the average weight loss for a North American missionary is 30 pounds, and the fact that it is easier for him to memorize things in the MTC.

He realized that he lost sight of his motto "Everything will work out" so he is praying for patience and faith. He is realizing that attitude affects a lot of things. Some of his goals are to study and cherish the words of God, talk with everyone that he sees, relate to people, and come home exhausted everyday.

The French speaking missionaries are contantly singing, humming and whistling. They even harmonize in the shower. The French edition of Preach My Gospel is longer than the English one and he is convinced that it must contain a whole section on singing.

The missionaries had two opportunities to go teaching in the area. The first trip was about 2 1/2 hours. The people were extremely nice. He talked with thirteen people and scheduled four return appointments. He gave one Book of Mormon out. His second experience was great! He taught three of his previous contacts-Rosemary, Isaac and Perez. The gentleman that he gave the Book of Mormon had been reading it and his friend wanted a copy. He is already starting to fall in love with the people. The teaching seems so natural. He "just shares his testimony and his knowledge." This activity got him stoked for his mission!