Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First Baptism

Elder Meinzer has his first baptism Saturday. His first day proselyting, they had a fourteen year old boy commit to baptism. No more since but he is focusing on "bringing people into the waters of baptism instead of just trying to teach as many lessons as he can." They did teach 36 lessons this week but didn't have anyone follow through and come to church. He is finding that the people are quite spiritual and love to hear the word of God. But the problem is that people want to do just that, only hear the word of God. They aren't really willing and able to make and keep commitments. The mission president has directed the missionaries to spend one lesson teaching people about the importance of keeping promises.

He is becoming more adjusted to the humidity and the food. Last week Elder Meinzer lost his pedometer, which made him sad. The testimony he memorized in the MTC is in a different dialect than the one found in Nketsiakrom, which was kind of a bummer. He is already starting to pick up on simple greetings and phrases though.

Elder Meinzer is striving to have a good attitude, to open his mouth always ("my preparation is in vain if I don't open my mouth"), remain humble, and embrace challenges. It is frustrating at times because he wants to use eloquent speech because that's just how he is, and people don't understand him. So it's been a real struggle to simplify his speech and speak slowly, but he knows that it will work out in the end.