Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our First Letter

Finally it's here! It was so good to hear from Elder Zach Meinzer. It's cute how his personality comes across even in a letter-a letter that took ten, yes 10, days to get to us after he wrote it. We are crossing our fingers that he will have access to e-mail when he leaves the Ghana MTC. Otherwise, the waiting will be torture. We love that kid!

He mentioned that everybody at the SLC airport was extremely nice to him and Elder Darrow. (Elder Darrow is from Sandy and they have been in contact with each other for a few months after being connected by somebody in Zach's BYU ward. They have even gone to the temple a few times.) The people at the airport would come up to them and talk to them, wish them luck and tell them that they would be in their prayers. (OK that brought a tear to my eye!)

The missionaries were also warmly received in Ghana when they arrived. There are about 37 missionaries in the Ghana MTC. The Ghana MTC is surrounded by a concrete wall with an electric fence on top of it. The missionaries are from Zimbabwe, Ethipoia, Fiji, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Uganda, Madagascar, Congo, Ivory Coast and one white guy from France. He mentioned that some of their accents are pretty difficult to understand. About half of the missionaries speak french. The missionaries will serve in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, the Congo and Madagascar.

Elder Meinzer's companion is Elder Isagara from Uganda. He swam in high school and was also a lifeguard. Sometimes, he would swim across the Nile. And the best part, Elder Meinzer can understand his accent.

Elder Meinzer is the only piano playing missionary in the MTC so he plays at every meeting. I love that! He is already learning that he will need to have more faith and humble himself, relying completely on the Lord. He knows that he is on a mission to learn and grow. And we are so excited to be a part of that process!